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Why hot drinks are good during summer

If it is warm outdoors, the body needs a lot of liquids because it loses significantly more fluid and important minerals when it is hot. We do consume liquids through our food, especially by eating fruit, but nonetheless you should increase your fluid intake in the summer. Only a very small part of the required amount of liquid can be taken in through food.

At high summer temperatures, the German Federal Medical Association recommends the consumption of hot drinks that bring on a light sweat. Thus, the body cools itself without straining the circulation. Ice cold drinks have the opposite effect, because the body heats up more to compensate for the supplied cold and to keep the body temperature constant.

When sweating, the body loses large amounts of sodium chloride, magnesium and other electrolytes. Therefore, consumption of vegetable broths is also good in addition to water and unsweetened herbal and fruit tea in order to compensate for the high loss of sodium chloride.

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