Sund 1.100 ml

Simply prepare, mix and serve water – with the BODDELS SUND glass carafe. The integrated fruit skewer allows flavouring the water with pieces of fruit or other ingredients. The modern design, the high-quality materials and the screw-on fruit skewers make the glass carafe an equally decorative and practical highlight in your kitchen. The closure of the carafe is modular, so that fruit skewers and filters can be removed at any time. Regardless of whether for still water, fresh fruity water or delicious iced tea – you can serve drinks simply and in an elegant fashion with the BODDELS SUND glass carafe.



Highlights of the glass carafe

Integrated filter

The built-in filter in the closure prevents pieces of fruit or other ingredients in the flavoured water from being poured out unintentionally. You can remove and clean the filter easily.

For hot and cold drinks

The BODDELS SUND glass carafe is not only ideal for cold drinks such as still water or flavoured water mixtures, but is also suitable for cold drinks and teas.

High-quality borosilicate glass

The BODDELS SUND glass carafe is made from high-quality borosilicate glass. This glass is particularly resistant to heat and sudden fluctuations in temperature.

Drip-free pouring

Pouring without making a mess – not a problem for the BODDELS SUND glass carafe. With the filter removed, the silicone ring on the bottle neck allows pouring out without dripping.


The carafe made of glass and the filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, we recommend washing them by hand.

Non-slip silicone rings

The colourful silicone rings provide not only a unique design, but also have a very practical benefit: They increase the grip and prevent slipping.

Modular closure

The closure of the BODDELS SUND glass carafe is modular and can be customised individually. Filters and fruit skewers can be integrated or left out as needed.

Practical fruit skewer

The curvaceous fruit skewer made of stainless steel is ideal to flavour water with fruit and other ingredients. It is easy to unscrew and put back in.

Water is vital for humans

In our BODDELS guidebook you will learn why water is so important to our lives and how much water you should be drinking every day. So quickly pour a glass of water and enjoy while reading the guidebook!

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Lots of vitamins and fresh fruity flavours: Grapefruit-mint-raspberry-water is healthy and delicious. The grapefruit curbs the appetite, and the nutrients from the fruits provide you with vitamin B, vitamin C and folic acid. This makes you fit and is good for the body. Try it out!

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