Een 600 ml

Simple, practical, reliable: The BODDELS EEN drinking bottle with 600 ml capacity is ideal for travelling. Whether for sports, in school, at work or for the next trip – the innovative drinking bottle made of plastic (100% BPA-free tritan) allows one-handed drinking and is break-proof. The reliable locking mechanism prevents unintentional opening and makes the BODDELS EEN drinking bottle spill-proof.

The BODDELS EEN drinking bottles are tailored to your life and are available in different colours and sizes. Healthy drinking can thus be simple and diverse.


Highlights of the drinking bottle

BPA-free tritan bottle

The BODDELS EEN is made of 100% BPA-free high-quality tritan and is tasteless and scentless.

One-handed use

Thanks to innovative technology, the bottle can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

Straw for easy drinking

The optimally aligned high-quality straw helps to reach even the smallest residues without tipping the bottle. This makes drinking more enjoyable and easy.

Bottle body is dishwasher-safe

The plastic body can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, we recommend washing it by hand. The lid is not dishwasher-safe.

Break-proof bottle body

The BODDELS EEN drinking bottle consists of high-quality tritan plastic, making it absolutely unbreakable. If you drop it from a normal height, the drinking bottle will survive easily.

Non-slip silicone rings

The colourful silicone rings of BODDELS EEN drinking bottle provide not only a unique design, but also have a very practical benefit: They increase the grip of the drinking bottle and prevent slipping.

Lock & carry spill protection

The lock & carry spill protection prevents accidental opening of the bottle (e.g. during transport in your bag).

Fold-out mouthpiece

The mouthpiece can be folded out and provides a reliable leakage protection and allows convenient drinking.

Did you know that your body is 70% water?

This and more information can be found in our small BODDELS guidebook. We have compiled some important tips and topics to show you how important healthy drinking is.

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Sugary sweet and yet completely healthy – the blueberry-red-apple-raspberry-water tastes great to young and old. The vitamins from the blueberries, raspberries and apple give you energy for the day and the drink replaces unhealthy soft drinks. Enjoy!

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