Pleeg 3-part-set

Cleanliness is important for our health. To ensure that you enjoy your BODDELS products for a long time and that your drinks really are still healthy, we’ve put together a special brush set for optimal, easy cleaning. The three-part set is suitable for all BODDELS products, whether they are glass, plastic or stainless steel. Use the big bottle brush to clean the inside of your BODDELS with ease. The long straw brush is perfect for cleaning the straw in the BODDELS EEN. And finally, the detail brush gets into even the smallest nooks and crannies of the caps.



Highlights of the brush set

Bottle brush

For easy scratch-free cleaning. Suitable for all BODDELS products.

Straw brush

Its long, narrow shape makes it perfect for cleaning all BODDELS straws.

Detail brush

Remove residue with the detail brush from even the smallest corners and grooves of BODDELS lids.