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We are Oldenburg! The Oldenburg Castle

No other building in the Oldenburg area is as well-known as the Oldenburg Castle. It’s been the crown jewel of the cityscape since the 17th century. The former residence of the Earls and Dukes of Oldenburg stands out from other buildings and it’s not hard to guess that this place has always played a great role in the history of the city.

Early history of the castle

The Oldenburg Castle was built on the grounds of a mediaeval fortress from the 11th century. Six centuries later, Earl Anton Günter of Oldenburg turned it into a residential mansion in renaissance style. In the years after, each royal family that lived there accounted for further modifications of the building. That’s why we can also see elements of other, newer architecture influences, such as Classicism and Neorenaissance. In 1923, the castle was announced a public property and has been the home of the Oldenburg museum for art and cultural history ever since.

The Oldenburg castle today

Some of the historic rooms are well-preserved until today and magnify their visitors with their lavishing interior and historical furniture. Many generations of royals shared the same passion for art and their collections are key exhibits of the Oldenburg museum for art and cultural history. The permanent exhibition shows the daily life of local people from medieval times to the middle of the 20th century. The exhibition also includes other eras and regions of Europe.

Events at the Oldenburg Castle

Alongside the permanent exhibition, visitors of the Oldenburg Castle can also enjoy various special exhibitions – such as the annual World Press Photo exhibition. Events like tours, dancing lessons and even marriage ceremonies also take place at the Oldenburg Castle. Make sure to check out the event calendar of the city!

The “Schlossplatz” (castle square) is also the centre of various events, such as the Oldenburg Culture Days, many street food festivals or the Oldenburg wine fest. Enjoy a variety of culinary delights along with live music and a great atmosphere!

The Oldenburg Castle is a definite must-see for everyone interested in architecture, art or history.

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