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Kids at home: 12 fun family activities

Staying at home can have some advantages, too. Due to the current situation, you can now enjoy some extra quality time with your children – even if all activities have to take place at home. To make sure kids won’t get bored as quickly, we have these 12 tips for joint activities that are guaranteed to keep you and your kids in a good mood!

1. Baking cookies

Mmh, yummy! Nothing beats the taste of freshly baked homemade cookies. Baking is a wonderful and fun activity – with a delicious result! Prepare some icing and start a contest on who paints the most beautiful cookie heart!

2. Dancing to your favourite music

On the speakers, set, go! Dancing puts you in a good mood, keeps you fit and healthy and can be done everywhere, including your living room. Even if it gets a little louder, your neighbours surely won’t mind!

3. Movie marathon

When was the last time you binge watched your favourite movie franchise? Now’s the time! Whether Disney movies, Harry Potter or the best of Pixar - thanks to all the streaming platforms you now have access to all your family’s favourite movies. Get a cosy blanket and some popcorn and settle in for a family movie afternoon!

4. In a cosy blanket fort...

...everyone is safe! ;) Turn your living room into an adventure playground and provide a cosy space for your kids to read, play or take a nap in.

5. Do-it-yourself playdough

This DIY playdough is really cheap and easy to make. All you need is:

400g flour
200g salt
2 tablespoons of citric acid
500 ml of boiling water
3 tablespoons of cooking oil and
a few drops of food dye

…and you get a lot of colourful playdough and sparkling children’s eyes! Using playdough you can make lots of different figures and creations, so get creative!

6. Painting

Whether it’s mandala or your own creation, whether it’s water colours or crayons - painting is a wonderful activity that trains the fine motor skills and cognitive thinking. Plus, you never know who the next Michelangelo in your family could be!

7. Practicing for school

Just because schools are closed does not mean that there is nothing to learn. There are many ways to keep it rolling at home: the multiplication table, the federal states or some vocabulary can be easily repeated and internalized while sitting on the sofa.

8. Playing board games

How about an extensive round of Monopoly or Scrabble? The board and card game classics are a great pastime and fun for the whole family – without leaving the house!

9. Tidying up together

During a normal workweek there’s rarely enough time to tidy up anything, let alone the kid’s room. While you usually pick up stuff after your children, you can now tidy things up together and do an extensive spring cleaning. These rooms have never looked cleaner, have they?

10. Planting cress

The nice thing about cress is that you can literally watch it grow and see a little progress each and every day. It even grows on cotton wool or kitchen paper and is a great source of vitamins – exactly what we need right now!

11. Taking long baths

Bathing often takes too long and taking a shower is much more practical anyway. Now that you have all the time in the world, prepare a long hot bubble bath and let the kids explore the high seas with their favorite toy boat.

12. Reading books

There are so many kids’ books out there and your children probably love reading anyway. Pick up your kid’s favourite book, snuggle up on the sofa and read it together. Cosy moments like these make you grateful for any time spent at home with your loved ones.

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