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The bicycle is a significant part of Oldenburg’s culture and everyday life and it’s the most used means of transportation for most people. Who doesn’t love a bike tour on a sunny weekend!

In Oldenburg, most streets are designed cyclist-friendly. There are signposted bicycle routes with a total length of around 800 km which vary in their respective lengths – some of them are quite short while others are significantly longer. Also, Oldenburg has a flat landscape with hardly any incline on the bike paths, so you can complete most routes easily without an e-bike.

On the website of the city of Oldenburg you will find eight routes through and around Oldenburg accompanied by detailed directions for each route. In this blogpost we will show you three bike routes around Oldenburg, which are suitable for families due to their length. On your bikes, set, go!


Total length: 35 km

The Bad Zwischenahner Meer (translated as “sea”, but it’s actually a huge lake) is probably the most popular day trip destination for Oldenburg cyclists. It is not only the beautiful route itself that makes this day trip amazing – you can also have a great time staying in Bad Zwischenahn for a few hours. Just take a some treats as well as hot tea or coffee in the HEET vacuum flask with you and have a relaxing Sunday on the shores of the Zwischenaher Meer! 

They say the journey is its own reward and for this cycling route it is particularly true. Halfway from Oldenburg you cycle past the popular Woldsee swimming lake. It is wonderfully green there, far away from the rushing city life. Enjoy!

You can find more information about this route right here!


Total length: 39 km

This route around Oldenburg leads to three small towns on the edge of the Wildeshauser Geest nature park. At first it leads towards Wüsting over a railway bridge and the district of Osternburg. From Wüsting it continues along green meadows, wide fields and large farms until you reach Sandkrug. Afterwards it goes on to Wardenburg and then finally back to Oldenburg along the Hunte river.

On this route you will encounter vivid natural landscapes and beautiful photo spots – do not forget to take your camera with you! You can find more information about the route here.


Total length: 44 km

This route is a mixture of urban and natural landscapes. Starting from the Pferdemarkt, the route leads you through the lowlands out of the city towards Woldsee. Via Metjendorf and Neuenkruge you will then cycle past numerous nursery gardens into the nature reserve Mansholter Holz and Schippstroth. Afterwards it goes on to Rastede and you can enjoy the beautiful park landscape of the Ammerland on the way. Your way back to Oldenburg will lead you through the districts of Ofenerdiek and Bürgerfelde right back to the city center.

You will find all information about this route right here. You can find many other routes in and around Oldenburg on the website of the city of Oldenburg!

Once you selected your favorite route, all you have to do is pack a bag! Here you’ll find a packing list for your bike trip. Have fun!

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