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How to best clean your SEEV glass mug

Even though the SEEV glass mug is dishwasher-safe, we always recommend cleaning it by hand. To make this task easier for you, we’ve created the 3-piece PLEEG brush set. Here we’ll show you how to use it to clean your SEEV glass mug.

Glass mug

The glass mug can be best cleaned with the bottle brush. Just remove the ceramic lid and the infuser and thoroughly clean the glass mug with warm water and some dish soap. The bottle brush fits perfectly into the glass mug.

Infuser / sieve

The sieve/infuser of the SEEV glass mug can be cleaned with the small detail brush. Use warm water and dish soap and remove carefully any residue lodged inside the small holes in the sieve.

Ceramic lid

The lid of the SEEV glass mug is best cleaned with the detail brush. First, remove the sealing ring and then wash both the ring and the lid with warm water and dish soap. Use the narrow straw brush if needed. Let the sealing ring dry completely before putting it back around the lid.

Caution: Before putting the mug and its parts back together, make sure they're completely dry. Any remaining moisture could lead to the developing of mold!

The PLEEG brush set

The PLEEG brush set is multifunctional. The brushes are made of high-quality plastic with non-slip grips, which make them easy to handle. The flexible nylon brushes clean all surfaces without scratching them. You can find the PLEEG brush set in our online shop!

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