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    Drinking enough is important for your health. With BODDELS, drinking is now even easier and more colourful. This makes drinking fun.

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    Discover the colourful BODDELS range. We have the right product for every taste and every need. Find your favourites. 

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    How much should you drink? Why is water so important for us? And how do I learn to drink more? You will find tips and information in the BODDELS guidebook.

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Glass Carafe Sund
1.100 ml

Water prepared simply

The high-quality decanter with fruit skewer for flavoured water.

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Drinking bottle Een
600 ml

Simply drink more

The practical option for better drinking in everyday life.


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Travel mug Koffje
370 ml 

Good on the go

The sustainable to-go mugs for hot and cold drinks. 


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Healthy and colourful – discover new recipes for flavoured water

Drinking enough water is not all that difficult. Mixed with fresh fruit and delicious spices, mere tap water tastes excitingly different. You can try out various recipes very easily in the BODDELS Sund glass carafe. A real treat at home and on the go.

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This water is a real all-rounder: Thanks to the grapefruit included, the appetite is not only curbed, but you will also be supplied with many important nutrients, such as vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B. The sour taste of the grapefruit perfectly fits the sweet raspberries and the fresh mint. An absolute must, not only for hot summer days. Enjoy! 

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Green tea is said to work magic for a youthful appearance and supports our health in many ways. The combination of fresh pear and spicy cinnamon sweetens the tea in a natural way and turns it into an equally delicious and healthy hot beverage. If you replace the cinnamon with some mint, you can also enjoy this glorious tea cold. 

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This fruit mixture does not only look like summer, but also tastes like it! The refreshing combination of sweet blackberries and slightly sour kiwis tastes great and reminds you of the last holiday. The green power fruit kiwi is full of vitamin C and contains twice as much of the essential vitamins as an orange. A real power drink for the immune system!

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